Owners Representative

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We represent the owner’s interests exclusively.  As the owner's advocate, we become the eyes and ears of the client to help mitigate a project’s risk and propose viable solutions for your project’s success.


As Owners Representative and Project Manager, our focus and interests are independent from those of the other key project professionals.  In that role we assemble and oversee the project design and construction professionals, coordinate project execution, manage contract obligations and provide project cost control.  We do this independently and exclusively on the owner’s behalf, - without conflict of interest.

We take ownership of our client’s needs, valuing their resources as our own.  As Owners Representative, we adopt and value our client’s priorities as our own, advocating full time for your best interest, - delivering solutions that minimize risk and promote peace of mind.  From project inception to completion, PDA's Construction Management professionals are advocating full time for your best interest and a successful project.

Who We Serve

PDA is a is a valued leader in Project & Construction Management, guiding building owners in multifamily and commercial renovation, restoration and new construction projects.  Representing building owners, Condominium Associations, property managers, and multifamily and commercial real estate holdings in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.



PDA’s founder, Jeff France, has provided construction project development and management services in the building industry for more than 30 years.  Few have the passion and combined breadth and depth of experience in construction management, cost control, architectural design, expert witness testimony, and development of building interface details and products.



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